10 Hacks To Lower Your Weed Tolerance

A guide to lowering your tolerance

A high weed tolerance can cost you big bucks or leave you feeling unsatisfied after depleting your stash.

Fortunately, there are a few hacks that can help you get your tolerance back to normal.

The best way is to take a break. Don’t panic, that’s not the only option. In fact, there are several ways to fix your tolerance without quitting altogether.

If you want a high more on par with your first time smoking, or if your tolerance is burning a hole in your wallet, try some of these following tips.

10. Roll Smaller Papers

How it works: Reduce the amount of weed you’re using when rolling up.

This is one of the simplest ways to give your tolerance a break without completely breaking your habit. This is a good starting step to a tolerance break for an all day stoner.

If you smoke blunts every day the habit may be a little hard to break. By rolling smaller blunts you’ll still get what you feel you need while slowly decreasing your tolerance.

To start, you can put 20 percent less weed in each of your papers. If you can cut the amount of weed you use down, you’ll be getting higher in no time.

Switch from king size to smaller papers like 1 and a half or even smaller. King sizes are made to share.

Smoking king sized joints to yourself is a quick way to build up your tolerance. There are better options for solo sessions.

Papers that are 1 and a quarter in size should be enough for an individual serving. If you can manage to clip that and split it into two sessions, you’ll do yourself a huge favor.

Keep it up for a while, and the next time you decide to treat yourself to a fatty, you’ll be blasted off to the moon.

9. Switch Your Method

How it works: By switching it up, you’ll confuse your body and be able to achieve higher highs.

Users report different highs from each so by switching it up you’ll prevent yourself from building up a tolerance.

Some people switch from vaping to smoking or smoking to dabbing.

Repeating the same method every day is a quick way to ruin your tolerance. By simply switching it up for a while you will confuse your body and be able to get higher.

If you’re a daily dabber, try smoking a bowl of flower for a week. When you do your first dab after only smoking flower for awhile, you’re going to be lit.

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If you’re not a dabber, you can try switching from smoking to vaporizing for a while. With edibles, topicals, and more on the market today there’s plenty of ways to switch things up.

If you’re not in a state where any of this is available to you, keep scrolling down the list. There’s something to reduce the tolerance of every kind of smoker.

8. Enhance Your High

How it works: A chemical called myrcene allows THC to absorb into your bloodstream faster.

Did you know there are ways to increase your high without ingesting extra weed? Basically, you can get higher without taking a tolerance break.

It’ll be easier to get by on smaller amounts of weed if you find methods to increase your highs. Certain terpenes when combined with THC can lead to enhanced highs.

These terpenes can be found in some of our foods instead of directly from cannabis. Adding terpenes to the equation won’t build your tolerance.

This is because terpenes are not cannabinoids and they don’t decrease cannabinoid receptor accessibility.

In fact, they “prime” cannabinoid receptors making it easier for them to respond to cannabinoids.

Fortunately, a delicious mango happens to have the power to get you higher than you would from smoking alone.

You may have heard the rumor before: Eating a ripe mango before you smoke is one way to enhance your high.

Well, there’s scientific reasoning behind it. Seriously. The chemical myrcene is a terpene that is found in certain strains of weed.

Also found in mangos, myrcene can make cell membranes in the brain more capable of absorbing the cannabinoids (THC).

If mangos aren’t you’re thing try another food with myrcene like nuts, broccoli, or sweet potatoes. There are plenty of other foods that will improve your high.

Fortunately, you can find this chemical in ripened mangoes and make a little weed go a longer way.

7. Exercise

How it works: THC levels increased by 15% after a little cardiovascular exercise before smoking.

A study in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal found that cardiovascular exercise before smoking allows you to achieve a higher high.

THC levels increased by 15% after a little cardiovascular exercise before smoking. The increase probably comes from the heart pumping thc through the body quicker.

Best part? It only took 35 minutes on a bike to achieve these results. That means the percentage could be higher with a little more cardio.

Exercise and cannabis can benefit each other. By doing more cardio you can better intake THC.

Furthermore, you’ll be less likely to be distracted by pain when high, allowing you to work out for longer.

It also helps to relax after an intense gym session. The post-gym pain can cause a person to resent the gym and not want to go back.

Fortunately, weed alters perception of time. So you won’t be stressing the amount of time you’re in the gym. You’ll be in the showers in no time.

Another theory is that you by exercising regularly you’re sweating out your THC.

However, a study by NIH found tolerance is determined by receptors in the brain so this is unlikely.

When attempting to detox marijuana, people exercise to speed up the process and sweat it out usually for drug tests. Not to repair their tolerance.

There’s no evidence that detoxing or exercise will change tolerance. However, you may be able to decrease your tolerance by being because cardio will allow you to absorb more THC from less weed. At the very least you’ll save some weed.

6. Switch Strains

How it works: Each strain has its own effects, switch it up to find out the differences.

Although they may be similar, each strain has its own effects. You might be missing out on some by smoking the same strain over and over again.

The first smoke out of a new bag is usually the best because your body hasn’t adapted to that strain yet.

Smoking on the same strain for 2 weeks straight can get tiring. Luckily weed is becoming more abundant so you can find variety.

Next time you go to the dispensary maybe skip on the top-shelf and try something with less THC.

If you don’t have a dispensary just try getting from another guy who has different stuff from your usual guy.

If you’re a heavy indica user, try using sativas for a little bit, so your tolerance for indicas is closer to what it used to be.

If you’re a heavy sativa user try the opposite or at least hybrids to avoid getting too sleepy.

Just make sure you’re cutting down and giving your CB1 receptors a chance to get working again.

Switching strains alone won’t do much for you if you’re going through a quarter a day.

Otherwise you’re wasting your weed and keeping yourself from reaching the highest of highs.

There are more strains than there are pokemon. Get out there and toke ’em all.

5. Take A Short Break (worst case scenario)

How it works: Even a day or two of not smoking should make a difference to your tolerance.

For all day weed consumers try going a whole day without smoking. See how different you feel when you get high that night.

That’s nothing compared to how you’ll feel getting high after a week long break.

If this and none of the above steps have worked for you, you’re a different kind of animal and it’s time for a real tolerance break.

Taking a break sucks and none of us want to do it but it is totally worth the reward.

You can only get as high as the number of cannabinoid receptors you have available for binding. Too bad non-stop smoking makes that number smaller.

For the full effects of cannabis to start working for you again you’re going to have to take a longer break.

A solid month long break is like restoring your weed virginity. You can relive the giggles and get super stoned off edibles.

Marijuana comes with no physical withdrawal, so you’ll just be a little bored for a couple of days.

It won’t be anything like the nightmare of attempting to ween off of prescription opioids.

Taking a weed break is a good way to exercise your patience and willpower.

There’s another bright side, you’ll have a lot more money if you go from smoking enough to earn a high tolerance to not at all for a month or so.

4. Switch Up Your Dab Style

How it works: Dabs are much more potent than weed in flower form and will build tolerance faster.

If you dab regularly, you probably have or will develop a high tolerance for weed shortly.

You can actually get by with smaller dabs. Depending on your technique you could be getting higher than someone doing way bigger dabs.

If you usually do your dabs hot try doing some low or medium temp dabs. You could be scorching away precious THC.

If your piece milks up for a second and then no longer, and you dropped a decent sized dab, you’re doing something wrong.

With a proper low-temperature dab using a carb cap, you should be able to milk your piece and clear it several times.

Use a Q-tip to swab your nail after each dab. If the q tip is completely dry, you did your dab too hot.

Just switching from high temperatures to low temperatures should be enough to trick your tolerance.

Different cannabinoids and terpenes are activated at different temperatures. Terpenes provide flavor and medicinal benefits when combined with THC.

You’ll notice the flavor of your dabs a lot more at lower temperatures. After doing temps for a while switch to a higher temp and feel that head rush.

You can also try switching up consistencies. If you usually smoke wax try switching it up to oil or shatter instead.

The different temperatures and concentrates you use will change the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids resulting in different effects.

An e-nail is the perfect way to switch up temperatures easily.  A torch you’ll have to experiment to find out the right amount of time to let the nail cool.

3. Switch Up The Times You Smoke

How it works: Repetition will make your tolerance build faster than usual.

If you’re used to getting high right before and after bed try switching things up. Repetition will make your tolerance grow quickly.

Don’t want to take a real tolerance break? Just try not smoking in the morning for a few days if that’s part of your routine.

You’ll be surprised by how high you feel just by waiting until night when you normally wake and bake every day.

Just smoking at night once instead will give you a much better high in the long run with less weed wasted.

Also, try getting high a few hours before bed instead of immediately before you plan to fall asleep.

Same with in the morning, wait a few hours or the whole day before getting high for the first time.

Users have reported developing heavy tolerances from smoking right before and after bed.

Making a habit of getting high right before and after bed could be a big part of the reason you’re reading this article.

You don’t need a full tolerance break just don’t smoke all day if that’s what you’ve been doing.

Just reduce the number of times you smoke a day if you are having a real hard time getting your desired high.

If reducing the number of occasions a day you smoke doesn’t seem to be helping, then your cannabinoid receptors probably need a longer break to become available for binding again.

Smoking all day is already a strain on your wallet, and the fact that it is ruining your tolerance adds to that problem.

2. Less Is More

How it works: Smoking more than necessary leads to lesser highs in the long-run.

You could be smoking endlessly i

n an attempt to reach a satisfying high, but it won’t come if your cannabinoid receptors don’t get a chance to recover.

A study on cannabinoid receptors in the brain and tolerance was conducted on rats. One group was given a solution with no cannabinoids.

Another was given CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid from marijuana. The final group was given delta-9 THC.

The single dose did not do anything to reduce the receptors involved with tolerance in any of the groups.

The group given THC eventually saw a decrease in activity when they were given nearly 80% greater doses.

They found in high doses animals had the greatest decrease in brain receptor function resulting in higher tolerances.

Prolonged use of THC reduces the number of receptors available for binding. The more receptors you have for binding, the higher you can get.

So even if you smoke a lot with a high tolerance, you won’t be getting as high as someone who spreads their sessions and doses out.

Someone with a high tolerance can eat an 80 mg THC chocolate bar and feel nothing while their inexperienced friend is in a psychedelic state from a 20 mg piece of the same bar.

Such experiences will make you envy your friends tolerance. If it frustrates you that other people are getting high off way less, it’s probably time for a real t-break.

Learning to use techniques that will help you get by on less will help prevent you from ever letting your tolerance build too high.

Smaller dabs, smaller joints, smaller bowl packs, will all have you higher in the long run. It may not sound as fun as rolling fatty, but high doses come with consequences to your tolerance.

1. Use A One Hitter Or Pack One Hit Bowls

How it works: Trick yourself into smoking less by spreading hits apart.

Purchasing or using a one hitter can help you make sure you’re not smoking more weed than you need to get your desired results.

If you’re the type to pack a bowl, you may feel tempted to smoke the whole bowl before stopping your session.

With a one-hitter, you can take things a step at a time. Take a hit and wait 10 to 15 minutes between each hit.

Even if you use a bowl or bong, you can pack just enough that you can clear it all in one hit.

This technique is perfect for people who have friends that don’t know how to corner a bowl. Everyone gets their own hit, so nobody is left with a bowl full of ash.

It’s better for your wallet to spread that bowl into three separate one-hitter packs because after each bowl hit the cherry will continue to burn away THC that you’re not consuming.

With a bong, a little will go a long way. The water and lack of a carb allows smoke to build up in your bong. Then, you can clear it all in a second and get high AF.

Most people don’t buy a bong just because of the water filters tar. That’s great for tobacco, but for weed, bongs are purchased to take bigger, less harsh hits.

The benefit of this is the effects seem to be more immediate. Therefore, you may not be as tempted to go for another hit.

Using a technique that allows you to take one hit at a time will help with limiting your cannabis consumption.

As a result, your tolerance will steadily return to normal, or at least it won’t continue to get worse.

Do your best to stop smoking once you feel the high kick in. Continuing to smoke after that probably won’t get you much higher. However, it will reduce the number of cannabinoid receptors available for binding.

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