Get Baked in London with @therealweedtourist

I spent a couple of days in London visiting old friends and found a new one as well: British CBD.

St. Paul’s Cathedral with new pals at the Purple Travel Club / Instagram

While THC is still illegal in the UK and CBD has only just been legalized recently, things seem to be moving pretty fast. According to the Cannabis Trade Association UK, the number of cannabidiol consumers shot from 125,000 in 2017 to 250,000 in 2018.

The legal CBD scene in the UK is all about health and wellness products with much of legalization debate focused around whether the touted medical benefits of CBD are legitimate. Holland and Barrett, UKs biggest bougie health store, now boasts a growing range of CBD products from muscle balms to skin creams to oils including their own branded products. I visited several locations throughout the city and the staff were all very quick to tell me they are not yet able to explain the medicinal benefits to a customer because it hasn’t been proven/accepted in the UK yet. But they were also quick to share how quickly the products were flying off the shelves and how the products have helped them feel less stressed and more rested. Most of the products I’ve tried contain around 5% CBD. My favorite so far is the Holland & Barrett Muscle Balm Extra which is like a smoother, herbier version of Tiger Balm.

CBD Products hit the shelf in London Town

For that classic THC high we all know and love, you do still have to work through traditional channels to procure your herb. I was lucky to have met up with The Purple Travel Club (more on this in the next blog) to learn a bit more about the London weed scene. Vaping is pretty popular in London and you’ll see many people strolling around with Vape Pens (I mean e-cigarettes of course ;). Seriously, for a country where weed is illegal, I have never walked through so many green clouds in my life. London stoners, I salut you!



Puffing Clouds over Shakespeare’s Globe 😂 / Instagram

London has got to be one of my favorite cities to experience stoned. It has the breadth of world class attractions as do other major cities like NYC but with relatively less stress and mess so you can get baked and walk around with ease. I mean, we’re talking about the HQ of one of the largest monarchies in the world, so expect to be impressed by the sheer density of historic buildings, architecture, landmarks and iconic cityscapes – a feast for stoned eyes. Take a break from Netflix and watch a live play in the birthplace of acting at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.



Public displays of relaxation. How dare you. / Instagram

Smoke a jay by bankside with a sprawling view of St. Paul’s cathedral and then check out the latest exhibit at the Tate Modern and get a high view of the city from the London Eye. If you’re interested in going a little off the tourist trail, check out world class street art at the Banksy Tunnel on Leake Street or catch a film at the Picture House boutique Cinema in Piccadilly.

Edibles and movie nights = Perfection

And as for the munchies: Ok, as a cuisine, British food hasn’t got the best rep but don’t hold that against London and who doesn’t love a good scone? My best London scone experience so far is having afternoon tea at the National Gallery by Trafalgar Square. The National Cafe is warm and cozy and the chef sources everything locally and makes buttercream from scratch. This is to be expected in London now. From Kiosks in Borough market to hyped restaurants like Nopi to the many quaint bakeries in Nottinghill or around Marylebone, this city is a stoners delight.

As the CBD industry develops, so too will the weed tourism offerings. Could London become a destination for high end cannabis spa and wellness experiences? I’ll be back to London in July for the Europe CBD Expo to find that out!

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