Introducing one of the latest products from Focus V. the stylish, dual-chamber & full convection vaporizer. Before I start I want to thank Randall & Christina from FOCUS V, super grateful for the opportunity to review this device and work with this brand. Let’s get right into it.


The FOCUS V Aero vaporizer is a full convection featuring dual-chambers for your dry herbs. The first feel of it will tell you that it’s a solid build and design. Mind you FOCUS V are one of the few who actually have their production facility, which means they are able to control what happens from start to finish which includes the fastidious product testing, respect!

The Aero is powered via a built-in high drain 21700 4800 mAh battery, at the front you are greeted with a digital screen outlining the temperature [Celsius or Fahrenheit], the timer to show the user how long they have left their sesh to come to an end and of course the battery indicator.


To start off it’s a dual-chamber convection vape, that goes up to 370°F, be sure to travel with both chambers full once you’ve finished with one, twist the Zirconia top mouth piece and you are good to fly* (not literally) and my favorite is the fact it doesn’t leave that much of a mess after your session, be sure to clean it using the tools it comes with as soon as you have finished.

You can a read a little more about convection heating below

If you’re a flavor chaser, the convection heating is for you. Keep reading. For flavor, potency, and purity turn to convection heating. This style uses in-direct heating method, sending hot air into the chamber rather than burning materials against a heated surface. What happens here is air extracts the desired effects as it passes over your special herbs. Think of your oven at home, that heats the air around your uncooked munchies. The food is cooked without the heating element ever coming into direct contact with it. That’s the core of convection.

Instead of rapidly heating materials which just burns, convection heating on the other hand slowly brings them to temperature, gradually releasing the essential compounds found in herb without causing them to burn. Most convection systems also operate at lower temperatures than conduction units. This means that they will not create as large of clouds when used with concentrates and wax.

These types of units are generally more spacious in their design because the heating element cannot touch the material and there needs to be room for hot air to flow over the product to create vapor. This means they generally feature deeper bowls and are capable of holding more herb for longer vaping sessions.


As expected, the Focus V Aero is a smooth, though a hard hitter – especially when you are vaping at temperatures of 200°C and greater. I recommend charging it to 100% till you use it as the battery level effects performance for cloud and flavor chasers. Speaking of which, the device works very well with premium herbs, absorbing all the goodness. As mentioned above I’ve been using this device for the past 2-3 months which I have enjoyed and I haven’t had one issue. It’s easy to clean and the battery charges fast, so less downtime for you!

(Forgive me I am from Australia, we use Celsius here)


From the moment you open the box and feel the Focus V Aero and the build quality, you can tell this is a premium vape. It boasts 2 steel chambers, a ceramic heating core & a zirconia mouthpiece to ensure cooler hits. It’s comfortable in your hand, I personally have issues with my hands so this is a big plus! and the easy twist off mouth piece is great.


The Focus V Aero Vape features a Built-in 21700 4,800mAh high drain battery. The battery life is great, I would get about 2-3 hours on a full charge. 10 hits or so per session. Easily charged via USB.


From what you can see in the photos, the Focus V Aero Vape has a clear OLED Screen, a button and a USB Port. Charge it, Pack it & Hit the button 5 x to go. The device heats up within 60 seconds. Depending on what temperature you have set it at.


  • Aero Vaporizer
  • 2 x Glass Chamber rings
  • Packing/Stir tool (built into bottom of unit)
  • Cleaning brush
  • 4x Alcohol pads
  • USB to Micro USB charging cable
  • User Manual


The price for the Aero is $130USD, products are shipped from their US facility. I find the price point at a decent median, especially for the consumers who like a heavy and discreet hit. If you have ever used the AirVape XS, although it certainly packs a punch but nothing like what the Aero offers! I will have a video on this very soon.


You can purchase one directly from FocusV here

Thank you.

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