In the past, the simplest way to infuse your butter or oil, was by heating it up, throwing your herbs in it, waiting a lifetime, then straining your herbs and shake out of the infusion. Most of us who have done it, aren’t so fond of the mess it leaves behind, the lengthy process of cleaning your oil or butter (Quickly! before it sets into grease, nooo) or dealing with the cheesecloth strainer, no thanks.

Why do things the old school way? when in our tech & app-obsessed world, there is a beautiful machine that can do almost anything for you? Why spend hours canning preserves by hand when you can just press a button, add oil, and presto! Marijuana butter, the LEVO II

Photo courtesy of LEVO.

That’s why we want you to know about the Levo II, a nifty gadget that looks discreetly like a sleek Nespresso coffee maker, but will infuse your olive, sunflower, or any other type of oil or butter with bud, and other herbs. It also has a host of other cannabis-friendly functions in mind. It also looks super stylish and neat.

The streamlined LEVO infusion process you know and love, with an abundance of improved features and innovative new technology. Now you can prepare herbs with ease with our new Dry and Activate cycles, allowing you to unlock the full potency of your botanical ingredients before you infuse. 

Connect wirelessly to the LEVO app to control your infusions on the go — plus access your history, use our Time & Temperature Calculator, share & discover recipes and more. 

So what’s new?

  • 3 Settings, 1 Machine: Dry and Activate herbs before you Infuse
  • Wifi connectivity makes it easy to set your infusions and monitor progress on the go from the LEVO app
  • Our new ceramic coated, slanted reservoir, designed to wick oil and butter out with ease
  • Power Pod included along with our re-engineered silicone stirrer

Let’s talk about the benefits of the LEVO II. . .

  • No solvents, additives, or emulsifiers required
  • Complete control over your ingredients & strength
  • Our steeping method doesn’t aerate ingredients, increasing shelf life
  • Small batch (minimum of 5oz and maximum of 16oz per infusion)
  • An economical choice over pre-made products

Drying, Activating & Infusing..

Naturally it infuses; however, it can also dehydrate fresh non-cannabis herbs like basil and rosemary as well as “activate,” i.e., decarb hemp.

The dry mode quickly dehydrates your fresh herbs so chefs can infuse more effectively, or store an excess of basil, thyme, lavender or any other herb for a later date. If you select the activate cycle, also known as “decarboxylation,” is specific for cannabis flower creations; it prepares the flower for infusing into edibles, topicals and more. Oh and don’t forget the 50+ other medicinal herbs out there.

Photo Courtest of LEVO

There are some sleek design updates as well. The reservoir is ceramic coated and slanted for easy dispensing. It has a screw-on dispensing nozzle and a more durable silicone stirrer with larger paddles for increased efficiency.

Now My Favorite, The LEVO APP..

Photo Courtesy Of LEVO

I loved when cars and technology came together, now my favorite industry is utilizing technology and app development. the new LEVO wirelessly connects via the bluetooth. You can download the LEVO App here for Apple App Stores and the Google Play Store

The app is helpful to control and set cycles remotely, monitor your plants progress, and receive an notification once the infusion or other operations are completed. The app will also save your favorite settings and makes them easily accessible for you. There is a herb and oil calculator, for precise measurements and you can contribute to and find recipes within the Levo community.


Video Courtesy Of LEVOs Youtube Channel

“We find that some consumers wanted resources to reference before they create infusions, while others were ready to share their creations with the world, This concept of sharing is one reason why LEVO II features a new app allowing users to not only control the device remotely, but also discover & share recipes. In the app, users simply select their ingredients for recommended time & temperatures to infuse.”

Chrissy Bellman, CEO & Founder of LEVO

What’s in the box?

Photo Courtesy Of LEVO

LEVO provide you with all the essentials you need to get you started on your infused journey.

Silicone Stirrer

The LEVO Silicone Stirrer which is included will not aerate your final product.

Ceramic Coated Reservoir

Infuse up to 19oz (29mls, give or take) at a time and you’re able to dispense every drop with LEVOs new slanted reservoir, oh and did we mention it’s dish-washer safe? YAY!

Power Pod

Double the capacity to infuse more potent oils.

Okay, take my money. Where Can I Get One?

The LEVO II is available from us, here at The Weed Blog. We offer the dish-washer safe machine in Jet Black, Alpine White, Meyer Yellow, Robin Aqua & the beautiful Cayenne Red. We offer worldwide shipping and FREE shipping to our U.S. Customers. Please note this is a U.S. unit so you may need a power point converter.

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