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Take a trip with @therealweedtourist through the Toronto cannabis scene.

As of 2018, Canada legalized marijuana, giving way to a whole new world of possibility for the industry and for Canadian tourism. As with everything though, great things take time, and it’s clear that Canada is still working things out. It is still technically illegal to sell weed at a storefront unless you have a government issued license. In Toronto, the municipal government ran a “weed lottery” which only allocated 25 storefront licenses for the entire city of 3 million people (6 million if you include the Greater Toronto Area) which has really stifled the progress of local entrepreneurs hoping to bring quality cannabis experiences into the mainstream. Right now, the majority of the legal sales are all done via online purchase and delivery which, who are we kidding, is still pretty cool for a tourist if you don’t have traditional connections. Many of the delivery services offer delivery within hours and you can find most of the delivery services listed on Weedmaps.

@therealweedtourist checking out the Canadian Cannabis Scene



I spent the past few weeks in Toronto and got to visit some of the pioneers building up the city’s weed tourism offerings. First stop was climbing out of an Uber into -25C weather to visit Allevi8. It’s a pretty small no frills space from what I saw, with a simple lineup leading to a counter with a menu and friendly staff to sell you product. Not a bad spot to pick up some green if you’re feeling keen.

My next stop was CAFE: Cannabis and Fine Edibles. I would say CAFE is a slightly upscale spot with sweet decor, lattes and really friendly staff. This is the closest to a California-Style dispensary I’ve seen in Toronto (so far) and you’ve got to respect how they are taking the risk to create this experience while the regulatory landscape remains uncertain. They also made some solid recommendations like Elements vape carts which are the best I’ve tried so far. I could see Toronto developing more spots like this in the future.

CAFE: Cannabis & Fine Edibles

Next on my tour was the Friendly Stranger which has been selling Cannabis accouterments since 1994 and a long standing part of the Toronto Cannabis Community. They offer an incredible selection of pipes, bongs and other accessories and are very friendly as advertised. If you grew up in Toronto, chances are you made a trip to the Friendly Stranger in High School to buy your first bong or Gandalf pipe. Tourists looking to understand Toronto weed culture should definitely stop in to one of the original hubs and chat with the staff.

There are many more great weed spots throughout the city that are more private until they can legally sell product. In the meantime, lounges like Cannabis & Coffee and Toronto Vape Life are popping up which don’t sell weed but are community-oriented and a good place to meet like-minded people for a chat.

So what do you do in Toronto once you’re high? The sky’s the limit, literally. Start by visiting the top of the CN Tower, one of the world wonders, and enjoy your high from a glass floor at 342 meters above the city. Right next to that is Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, where you can enjoy an oceanic sensory overload. Other attractions I’d {highly} recommend are taking a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum, taking a stroll through St. Lawrence Market and trying out the Virtual Reality experiences at the Rec Room.

For the munchies, you’re pretty much set with an incredibly diverse selection of cuisines and cool vibes in different neighborhoods including Leslieville, Roncesvalles, Queen West, Danforth. From all-you-can-eat sushi at Younge & Dundas Square to the best cinnamon bun ever in Riverdale, you will not go hungry in Toronto.

Rooster Coffee Shop | Riversdale, Toronto 😍

As you read this, Toronto is becoming a primo weed tourism destination and its only going to get better; the weed is sweet, the people are friendly and the health care is free. Oh Canada indeed.

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