VaporFi Atom Review

The VaporFi Atom: An Advanced Yet Intuitive Vaporizer

Vaping connoisseurs seeking a top-quality vaporizer need look no further than the VaporFi Atom. This vaporizer has several advanced features but it is simple to use and easy to maintain and produces a more flavorful vape than most cannabis vaporizers on the market. It is not the most cutting-edge vaporizer available but sophisticated vapers will nonetheless enjoy the vaping experience provided by the Atom.

VaporFi Atom

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The VaporFi Atom Combines Sleekness and Practicality

The Atom has a sleek unfussy design that is convenient and practical. It fits nicely in the user’s hand and can be discreetly carried around in a pocket or a purse. The Atom has a smooth black finish and uses a single button and an intuitive LED temperature display, making it the epitome of practical simplicity.

In addition to the Atom’s effortless design, it also has several convenient features, chief among them being a lengthy battery life. The Atom has a 3000mAh battery that allows users to have extended vaping sessions if they wish.

The Atom uses a USB cable or a wall mounted charger, both of which are included in the package, and it takes 2 to 3 hours to be fully charged. Unfortunately, the Atom cannot be used while it is being charged. An advanced chipset protects the battery from being overcharged or over-discharged, a feature that offers safety and convenience for users.

The long battery life works in conjunction with the Atom’s large ceramic heating chamber. Users can fill the chamber with dry herb and not have to worry about refilling it for a long time afterwards. The chamber is located at the base of the device and has a magnetic oven lid that fastens securely yet is easy to remove, thus adding to the convenience and practicality of the Atom.

The VaporFi Atom Has Several Advanced Features

The Atom has 3 pre-programmed temperature settings that are controlled using the click of a single button. Each preset temperature is indicated by the color of the LED lights on the device.

VaporFi Atom Low SettingVaporFi Atom Mid SettingVaporFi Atom High Setting

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The Atom does not provide the expansive temperature gradations of more advanced vaporizers but experienced vapers should still be satisfied with the temperature options available, especially since the Atom heats up quickly regardless of the temperature setting.

The Atom has an accelerometer that provides motion sensing technology. This is used to indicate the battery life of the Atom. With a simple shake of the device the LED lights will show users how much battery power remains.

Atom Full BatteryAtom Partial BatteryAtom Low Battery

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For vaping enthusiasts, the most desirable feature is undoubtedly the stainless steel airpath. The heating chamber’s location at the base of the device, the airpath design, and the silicone, food-graded mouthpiece all combine to deliver a rich, flavorful vapor that is odor-free and non-toxic.


The VaporFi Atom does not feature the flashiest design or the most comprehensive feature set of any vaporizer on the market. What it does feature is a simple, uncluttered design that is easy to use. The Atom combines that ease-of-use with an above-average battery life and a large heating chamber that allows vapers to have extended sessions using the atom.

Vapers will want to use the Atom for prolonged periods because it produces some of the most flavorful vapor of any device on the market and that is something vapers of all stripes can appreciate. Advanced vapers might still favor vaporizers with Bluetooth connectivity, discrete temperature settings, and other cutting-edge features.

However, the Atom is a great choice for intermediate vapers who want to graduate from simple vaporizers but might not be ready to handle the advancements of the most high-end vaporizers. The VaporFi Atom is a simple, convenient, and affordable device that punches above its weight class when it comes to flavor.

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